• Chocolate Hair Dust

    My hair is on the 'finer' side and so I'm forever researching natural ways to bring more life and volume to otherwise limp locks. 

    Several years ago I used a type of 'hair powder' that would add tonnes of volume to my hair with a little sprinkle and scrunch.  Having since made the commitment to use only 100% natural products, this hair powder is no longer an option as unfortunately it contains some hidden nasties I would prefer to keep out of my system. 

    I was therefore over the moon when I recently discovered Arrowroot powder. Arrowroot is a starch that comes from the rootstock of various tropical plants.  It is commonly used in the kitchen as a thickener for sauces, jellies, puddings etc.

    I bought some Arrowroot powder to use in home made ice-cream after reading it can prevent the ice-cream from turning rock hard in the freezer.  I noticed that the consistency of Arrowroot felt much like the 'hair powder' that I used in the past. After a bit of a google, I happily discovered that Arrowroot powder has been used by some as a 'dry shampoo' and to add volume to lifeless hair.

    I now keep a little jar of Arrowroot and cacao powder in my bathroom to sprinkle on my roots the mornings I don't wash my hair. I find that it adds life and volume to my locks whilst also eliminating any signs of greasiness. I add raw cacao to my mix having read that it helps to blend the whiteness of the Arrowroot with darker hair. Below are the measurements I use in my Chocolate Hair Dust.

    Chocolate Hair Dust

    1/2 Cup Arrowoot Powder

    2.5 x Tbsp Raw Caco Powder

    Place in an air tight jar and shake.

    Cost: Approx. $2.50 AUD

    This is such a great example of how easy edible beauty can be.  Good for me, good for my wallet and best of all... good for the planet!

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