• Tread a Little Lighter... One Greeting Card at a Time!

    We have some exciting changes here at Deer Daisy... we have now switched to vegetable based inks! And for those of you who have been looking for a bit more ‘POP’, our greeting cards are now available on white card, as well as the trusty old kraft brown. 

    Here at Deer Daisy, our mission is to provide the customer with beautiful products that will not cost our planet.

    Did you know that...

    • An estimated 15 billion trees are being destroyed every year.
    • When it comes to energy, the paper industry is the world’s 4th largest industrial user.  
    • Within Australia alone, an estimated 89% of the commercially cut timber is used for paper production.  Unfortunately a percentage of this is still being sourced from our native, old growth forests which are said to be some of the most carbon-dense on earth.
    • Petroleum based inks, which are commonly used in the printing world, are made from unsustainable sources in an energy intensive way.  The petroleum-based inks also release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) as they dry which are damaging to our atmosphere.  Yet more VOC’s from solvents are released during the cleaning process of the printing press.

    The Oh So Pretty Alternative 

    Deer Daisy greeting cards are printed on 100% recycled materials using vegetable based inks. Vege-inks are derived from natural, renewable vegetable oils such as the soy bean and coconuts which are much gentler on our environment.  Greeting cards are printed by one of the finest eco-printers, Words With Heart, who support Green Electricity and do not use toxic chemicals.  Greeting cards help to fund education days for women and girls in the developing world, as  Words With Heart donate a percentage of their profits to this worthy cause. 

    The result? Beautiful products that will allow you to tread a little lighter on the planet, one greeting card at a time. 

    Check out the new range by clicking here

    Thank you for your support and choosing to shop consciously. I hope you will love the new range as much as I do.

    Sophie xx

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