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    After many years of dying my hair with nasty chemicals all in the name of vanity, I recently decided to make the switch to henna.  Henna has been used for dying hair and decorating the body for thousands of years.  It has an earthy smell and looks like brownie batter (or mud) that is applied to the hair with great messiness to achieve healthy and richly coloured locks.

    When it comes to my beauty routine, I live by the concept that skin eats.  Everything that I apply to my skin is absorbed into by blood stream and therefore I use natural and edible beauty products to nourish and protect my skin.  It therefore made no sense that I would apply hair dyes every few weeks in the attempt to fight nature and cover my greys.  I would buy hair dye from health stores and try to ignore the strong and far from natural smell because it was "better for me than supermarket hair dyes"!

    I was a little nervous about making the switch as I have heard henna horror stories such as you can't switch back to chemical dyes once you use henna as your hair will fall out... and that if you use it too soon after chemical treatments then it will make your hair brittle.  I've not done enough research to confirm if these stories are true or not but I decided that I was willing to take the risk for the sake of my health. 

    I have been so pleased with my new henna hair.  I went with Lush Caca Maroon and it brought out a lovely brown/ reddish tone.  I find that henna does not cover my greys as heavily as chemical dyes but instead brings on a naturally highlighted effect which is not as harsh.

    I decided at the same time I made the switch to henna that I would also embrace and begin to love my sneaky greys.  They are only going to multiply from here on and so I figure why fight the inevitable and instead start to see them as my own, unique and natural highlights that can't be bottled and bought x

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