• How to use Herbs in an Eco Wedding

    There is something so magic about herbs.  So much taste, aroma and healing power packed into such humble little plants.  Many herbs are highly valued for their symbolic meaning of love, peace and happiness and for this reason, many have been incorporated into marriage traditions with the belief that they can bring many blessings to the bride and groom - how romantic!

    Here I discuss some of my favourite herbs, their symbolic meaning and ways you can incorporate them into your wedding day, Deer Daisy style!

    Oregano (Marjoram)

    Oregano is highly valued for its culinary uses due to its aromatic smell.  It has also been given the name 'oreganum' meaning 'joy of the mountains' as it grew abundantly in the high mountains of Ancient Greece.  It has been said that the Ancient Greeks would crown the bride and groom with an Oregano wreath to promote a life filled with happiness and peace together.  Pictured below is the Deer Daisy Oregano Wreath.


    Thyme is one of my favourite herbs as some believe that it can gift the ability to see garden fairies.  Apparently these fairies can be seen dancing around the Thyme bushes!!!  In Ancient Greece, Thyme was thought to symbolise a man with virtue and grace and the best compliment one could receive was that 'he smelt of thyme'  For this reason, men would rub Thyme on their chests after bathing.  This is such an appealing idea to me as the natural and refreshing smell of thyme is free from the nasty chemicals found in the modern day calone's and deodorants.  Deer Daisy Thyme Buttonholes (pictured below) are a great way to ensue that the groom and his guys are looking (and smelling) their best on your wedding day!


    Rosemary was traditionally worn by the bride and groom as a symbol of love and fidelity.  Another popular tradition was to use Rosemary plants as wedding bonbonnieres for guests to take home and plant.  This beautiful gesture can be easily carried over into today's modern day wedding.  It is a wonderful way to work towards a more carbon-neutral wedding by promoting the planting of more precious herbs that help filter the air we breathe! Another wonderful way to incorporate Rosemary into your wedding is by wearing a Deer Daisy herb garland.  Pictured below is the Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme Garland which smells as pretty as it looks.

    Herbs have found such a special place in my life and for this reason, I hope to share their magic through the garlands and buttonholes that I create.  Deer Daisy garlands and buttonholes are made using Certified Organic herbs wherever possible so they are good for you and good for the planet!

    For more information on herb garlands and buttonholes please visit the Deer Daisy Website or send me an e-mail at info@deerdaisy.com 

    Reference: ‘How Can I Use Herbs in my Daily Life?’, Isabell Shipard 
    For more information on herbs and their many amazing uses I highly recommend reading this incredible book by Isabelle Shipard that can be purchased here.
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