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    Hello and welcome to the Deer Daisy blog... a sweet and simple place to share tips on eco-wedding planning, sustainable living and 100% natural beauty products to get you glowing for your big day.

    My name is Sophie and I am the founder of Deer Daisy, a small boutique business based in Byron Bay and specialising in eco-friendly wedding stationery.

    I am often asked how I found myself working in the field of wedding stationery. To be honest, I would have never imagined myself working in such an industry back until a few years ago when a friend of mine asked me design her a "fuss-free" and eco-friendly wedding invitation. One thing lead to another and before long more requests started rolling in for simplistic and eco-friendly invites. I fell head over heels in love with the whole process of designing pretty paper goods and so Deer Daisy was born.

    I have always been a romantic at heart and therefore love working in the wedding industry! The longer I worked with weddings however, the more I started to notice the incredible amount of wastage involved in the planning of these events and the impact a single day could have on the health our planet. Everything from catering, travel, flowers, stationery etc. can cause so much damage to our environment if not planned in a conscious way... and when you think about the amount of people getting married on a yearly basis this becomes quite a scary thought!

    As a result of this realisation, Deer Daisy has become a platform for promoting eco-wedding tips and ways in which we can tread more lightly on the earth.  In order to counteract some of the environmental damage that is caused yearly by the wedding industry, Deer Daisy has also teamed up with Rainforest Rescue and a tree is planted with every wedding invitation or wedding invitation package purchase.

    My main motto behind Deer Daisy designs and life in general is ‘Less is More”. I have found it such a simple yet powerful mantra to live by in order to keep my carbon footprint and stress levels to an absolute minimum. I believe that everything can be simplified for the benefit of ourselves, others and for the health planet.  Or put in the wise words of Ghandi “Live simply so others can simply live.”

    So thank you for stopping by, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you will enjoy getting to know myself and Deer Daisy.


    Sophie xx

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