• Organic Moisturiser Recipe


    With the chilly weather on it's way, I call on my favourite three ingredients to keep my skin hydrated and glowing though the winter months.

    Here's how I make my favourite organic face moisturiser.

    Ingredients: cacao butter, sesame oil, rose/ geranium essential oil

    1. I melt approx. ¼ cup of cacao butter on low heat in a clean saucepan, continuously swirling the butter around the pan making sure that it does not burn or boil.

    2. I allow the cacao butter to cool before mixing through approx. ½ cup of sesame oil and a few drops of rose and geranium essential oil.

    3. I place the liquid in an air -tight jar and allow to cool and solidify completely.

    Simple, quick to make, cost effective and 100% natural. I always choose certified organic ingredients so I know I am making the healthiest choice for myself and the planet.

    Wishing you all a beautiful and cozy Winter xx

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