• Imagine this...


    Please take a moment to imagine this…

    A culture where Women, Beauty and Self Love are worshiped and celebrated daily, through simplistic rituals that delight the senses and nourish the soul.

    Where a Woman’s hips, breasts, belly and yoni are seen as symbols of the Divine Feminine and perfect just the way they are, no matter what their shape or size.

    Where a Woman’s Beauty is measured on her Radiance, her inner glow, which she has the power to activate through Self Love and devotion. 

    Where desire for the synthetic no longer exists, because Women know their worth and that their Radiance cannot be bought or applied. A culture where Women are free from the distorted view of Beauty, that once kept them locked in a field of comparison and disconnected from Self Love.

    A culture where a Woman’s Radiance is acknowledged and celebrated through every stage of life.  Where Women do not fear growing old, because they understand that their Radiance does not deteriorate with time. And that their Radiance IS their Beauty.

    A place where Women show deep respect for the Earth, knowing that in loving and healing the Earth, they are also loving and healing themselves. Where Women worship Beauty, to become beautiful, and nourish their Radiance by honouring the seasons and cycles that exist within nature.  

    A culture where Women stand gently, yet firmly in their power because they are plugged into their inner glow. Where Women hold the key to unlock their ravishing Radiance and know with every cell in their being, that a Radiant Woman is a Powerful and Beautiful Woman. 

    Welcome to Circle to Beauty xx

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